Del Webb Charleston Golf Club

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Del Webb Charleston Golf Club

We are an official chartered club of Del Webb Charleston at Cane Bay.  The Golf Club's purpose is to promote the sport of golf and give any Del Webb Association member an opportunity to participate in the game of golf at local area courses.

We are now playing every Monday and Thursday (9:00 AM) at Pine Forest Country Club, and some day's we have a travel day at a different local courses. The price is $26 for 18 holes and a cart at Pine Forest. Tee times are adjusted according to the season.  We have earlier times in the summer, to beat the heat, and later times in the winter.

For current tee times and results click here. 

We hold around 4 or 5 big tournaments a year, for Del Webb Club Members.  Usually a Captains choice (Scramble) format with a party afterwards.  They are the Del Webb Masters, The Red, White, and Blue Tournament, the Del Webb Member Guest (This is a 3 day event), The Del Webb Ryder Cup, and the Reindeer Open.  We also have a Monthly Scramble (usually the first or second Monday of the month and a bramble (usually on the fourth Monday of the month) and we try to travel to other courses in the area at least once a month. 

To participate contact President Jim Hisman at 771-5797 or email  

Our current annual dues are $12 per year, and you must play once a month to keep your membership active. 

Our Current Club Officers are as follows:

President - Jim Hisman (771-5797)

Vice-President - Mike Clark (771-8251) 

Secretary - Frank Piccione (482-0655)

Treasurer - Jim Kouri (937-243-1304)

2015 Del Webb Golf Club Schedule:

2015 Every Monday Regular Monday Golf at The Club at Pine Forest

2015 Every Thursday Regular Thursday Golf at the Club at Pine Forest
2015 Fourth Thursday Every Month Del Webb Fourth Monday Tournament

4/22/2015 Wednesday Old Guys Rule Cup (Del Webb vs. Pine Forest)
6/30/2015 Tuesday Drawing Party for Red, White, and Blue Tournament
7/2/2015 Thursday Red, White, and Blue Tournament
9/17/2015 Thursday Practice Round for Member Guest
9/17/2015 Thursday Cocktail Party Member Guest
9/18/2015 Friday Round One for Member Guest
9/19/2015 Saturday Round Two for Member Guest
9/19/2015 Saturday Dinner Dance Member Guest

12/1/2015 Tuesday Year End General Meeting
12/1/2015 Tuesday Drawing Party for Reindeer Games
12/3/2015 Thursday Reindeer  Games Tournament